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Client Testimonials

"Before MegaRankings Inc. we were spending thousands of dollars per month with Pay Per Click. We now spend a fraction of that amount with MegaRankings Inc. Natural Search Engine Optimization program and the results have been outstanding. We've experienced a 300% and 900% increase in employers paying to post their job listings and employees searching for jobs respectively. MegaRankings Inc. works!"

Jason Whitley - Owner


Mortgage Industry

"Our requests for information and sales have increased 200% since we started with MegaRankings Inc. four months ago. Our search engine optimization campaign has been great. Thanks MegaRankings."

Anonymous - Owner


Reading Glass World

"Our sales have increased 400% since partnering with MegaRankings Inc. to build our link popularity and optimize our website. The staff is enthusiastic and proactive. Thanks MegaRankings Inc."

Neil Croak - Owner


Insurance Industry

"Our rankings have led to sales like we needed. We shifted a percentage of our marketing budget toward Search Engine Optimization with MegaRankings Inc. and haven't looked back. Our sales associates have written 250% more policies in the last six months than we did the entire year prior. Thanks MegaRankings Inc."

Anonymous - Marketing Manager


Street Dreams

We were spending $10,000 per month with Google's Pay Per Click program. We hired MegaRankings Inc. and within four months of signing we began lowering our Pay Per Click monthly spend. Our sales have increased 500% in just under one year with MegaRankings Inc."

Jeff Parker - Marketing


Gaming Industry

"Our new player signups increased quickly after starting our MegaRankings Inc. search engine optimization campaign. We believe in your system and our results. Thanks MegaRankings."

Anonymous - Owner


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